Here at Zoobe we have some fantastic voice over artists from all over the world who help bring our awesome characters to life, allow us to introduce you to them. Click on their picture for more information.


Katarina Holmberg is a singer, voice over artist, radio host and music composer. She hosts two monthly radio shows on Digitally Imported, one for Groove Magazine’s (Germany’s leading electronic music magazine) chart show and another interviewing music artists for D.I. Journeys. She has also radio hosted on BBC 1Xtra’s ‘xtra talent’ and written and featured in weekly comedy sketches for the BBC1xtra.

As a film composer her compositions include writing for ‘Return To Homs'  which won the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize at Sundance film festival along with 14 other international film prizes. Other composition spots include for Nokia,  Orange Telekom, The European Union  and more.

She runs Soul Rush Records,  creating and curating royalty free audio samples for sale to music producers.

As a session vocalist she’s recorded for X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent   incl. backing vocals for Beyonce, George Michael,  Christina Aguilera, Michael Ball's Greatest Hits album,  Andrew Lloyd Webber and Nicole Scherzinger,  The Discovery Channel,, The National German Television Awards,  WDR,  and more.

She loves bringing the Zoobe characters to life with voice and song. As well as singing and recording voices for Zoobe she composes music for Zoobe’s character packages and provides any other additional creative content and consultation required.



British based musician Paul Diello is a vocalist, pianist, song writer and producer. He relocated to Berlin in summer 2015. He has released two LPs and five EPs through indie label Total Creative Freedom and has toured extensively across the UK, Europe and USA.




Tiernan is one of the UK's most sought after comedy hosts, his fun and friendly style of comedy has seen him perform all over the UK and internationally. Cited by Mark Thomas in the Guardian as a comedian to look out for alongside Josie Long. In recent years he’s been regularly featured in many newspapers for his topical tweets, embarked on his first solo tour of the UK, been seen in C4’s Fresh Meat, had his back shaved by Gillian Anderson as part of Mark Watson’s 27 Hour Show on Comic Relief, and wrote for and performed with a fully operational joke telling robot. Tiernan co-runs the Comedy Club 4 Kids, created the popular YouTube hit Partly Political Broadcast, spends far too much time making his beard look nice and generally doesn’t sleep enough.




Florian studied Drama at the Otto-Falckenburg school in Munich. After graduating in 2006 he was a guest at the Theatre Bonn  before becoming a permanent ensemble member at the Staatstheatre Wiesbaden. Florian tours throughout Germany with his band the 2PersonOrchestra ‘KleineReise’.




Born in Italy and now UK based, Alex Sinesi is a full time musician and music teacher.  Alex can be caught entertaining audiences across Europe with his band Thieves By The Code. He joined The Zoobe Family at the beginning of 2015.




High Rankin is a British DJ and comedian who has written scripts for BBC Radio One and whose YouTube videos have had millions of hits. His brand of satirical and sometimes unashamedly puerile humour is known and loved across the world.  



Antonia Von Romatowski is a successful actress, voice over artist and comedian. She made her name through her role as Merkel on The Morning Show where she imitates the voice of Angela Merkel. She also parodies the voices of many other celebrities.  

Antonia von Romatowski  am 19. Juni 1976 in Göttingen (Deutschland) geboren und ist erfolgreiche Stimmenimitatorin, Synchronsprecherin, Schauspielerin und Komikerin. Bekannt wurde sie durch die Merkel Morningshow , in der sie 2005 die Stimme von Angela Merkel . Die Show wurde als Radiocomedyformat bundesweit ausgestrahlt. Edel Records  nahm die Merkel Morningshow unter Vertrag.

Außerdem parodiert Antoinia die Stimmen von Ursula von der Leyen  , Gerhard Schroeder  , Ulla Schmidt  , Nena  , Doris Schröder-Köpf , Linda de Mol  , Kader Loth  , Désirée Nick , Jeanette Biedermann  , Dolly Buster  , Sabrina Setlur  , Sabine Christiansen  , Nadja abd el Farragund Verona Pooth (auch im Film ,,Dieter - Der Film).

Auch auf Bayern 3 ) ist sie regelmäßig als Angie aus Berlin zu hören, sie trat als Talkgast bei Markus Lanz ) und Atze Schröder  auf und hielt eine Neujahrssprache bei ,,Neues aus der Anstalt” (ZDF).

Antonia ist seit August 2008 Produzentin der Radiocomedy ,,Küss mich, Kanzler!” . Am 21. Dezember trat sie in der neuen Satiresendung imErsten




A man of many few words. He enjoys talking into microphones and pretending he's someone else on a regular basis. Interestingly enough, he equally adores relaxing in his own, custom-made meat suit whenever possible. He's been living in Berlin since 2007, all the while soaking in the wonderful melodies of the city, and basking in the beautiful skylines of gentrification. Ahhh, can you smell the goodness? He adds, "It's been great working with Zoobe.  The team is amazing, and the app is way too much fun to play with unsupervised." Good thing his Mom limits his Zoobe use to 3 hours a day. Thanks Jason's Mom!



Mamo is a style illustrator, fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Bangkok who loves to shop, draw, and get inspirations from lovely people.  Her work is a mix between quirky cartoons and fashion.




Lakhno Anastasia is 24 years old and lives in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. She likes to listen to good music and watch films that make her think. Recording for Zoobe is her first stab at voice over work but she is a natural and we’re delighted to have her on our team.