We're delighted to introduce you to the winners of The Z Factor, a talent contest in which we've been searching across the globe for some fantastic new voice over artists to help bring our awesome characters to life. We had so many wonderful entries but we've narrowed it down to these 9 lucky voices! Click on their picture for more information.


Christopher Williams is an American 33 year old voice over artist. Originally born in Asheville, North Carolina, he has spent a lot of his free time since he was a child doing impressions and making his friends and family laugh. He is now trying to seriously achieve his dream of becoming a voice actor. Last year, he won "Most Creative" in the  Zoobe Voice of Slimer contest and his Zoobes have over 22,000 combined likes.


Irada was born in April 1968 and lives in Azerbaijan. She speaks English, Russian, Azerbaijani, Turkish and Talysh.


Katharina is 24 years old and was born and raised in Thuringia. “Using my voice has always felt right to me, singing, poetry, stories, plays, everything that's part of it”  Due to her masters in Speech Science, Katharina ended up in Leipzig and step by step she’s getting closer to her goal of earning a living with her voice. “Now I have this great opportunity to gain experience with Zoobe –and have loads of fun simultaneously”.


Em is an unashamedly brash 33 and 3 quarters year old from Brighton, UK. She lives with her significant other, Daz and their beloved Cat, Wesley Stripes.

Em has been a singer since Opal Fruits, Marathon Bars, Oil of Ulay and White dog poos were all the rage and has performed on stage regularly throughout her life, more often since having her dummy removed by force at the slightly worrying age of 6!

Over the years, her irrepressible desire to mimic, entertain and amuse has left her with an ability to deliver a wide variety of dialogue with comical exuberance and with over thirty accents in her repertoire, Em is sure to entertain (and exasperate) for many years to come!


Sam has been doing impersonations and voices since he was twelve years old. This has served him well as an actor for: stage, film and voice over work. He loves entertaining others with his impressions but also enjoys creating new characters as well!


Roman is a very enthusiastic Zoobe user whose videos have already received 57497 likes in the Zoobe app and his Zoobe devoted YouTube channel has 26,247 subscribers and 12,666,360 views. “I love to make videos with the Zoobe app and to give pleasure to people who watch these videos in Russia”. 

Check out his videos here-  

www. youtube.com/123zoobe


Harald Laas is 54 years old and he lives in Rhineland-Palatinate, in the west of Germany. He's happily engaged and loves to be creative in his work as a web designer. 


Based in the UK, Stuart J Smith is a comedy impressionist. He is the voice behind many of the Sat Nav Voices on the market. Stuart also produced his own range of Birthday Cards that were on sale nationwide in Sainsbury's stores in the UK and has also voiced many apps and Bingo machines. He has lent his voice to Radio and TV on shows like former The Virgin Radio (now Absolute Radio) Breakfast Show and TV shows like 10 O Clock Live on Channel 4. Stuart can do over 100 impressions including movie stars like Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken and Nicolas Cage, as well as TV stars like Ozzy Osborne, Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsay and many  accents.

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Though some would argue he's touched in the head, Chris Heady is an artist, actor, writer, and recovering puppeteer! 

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