The Oscars 2015 - now on zoobe!


It's Oscar time again and we at Zoobe could not let this event that is the King of all glitzy showbiz events pass us by without getting some Zoobe action involved in the business too! We have been massively inspired by the Animated Feature Film nominations and have written a full blog about that and more juicy Oscar gossip here. In the mean time check out this Zoobe video of Eve on the red carpet. She has ALL the latest news about the stars we love and the stars we don't.... 


Mr Bear is donning his smartest suit and as you can hear is VERY excited about the Animated Feature Film awards where our brothers and sisters of the movie world are being given high praise where praise is well and truly due! 

Here at Zoobe we love being sent the Zoobe messages our users have uploaded so please always send us your Zoobes to watch or post them on our Facebook wall. We get so inspired by your creativity with our beloved app.

At Zoobe we get thrilled to hear our users not only speak but also sing messages; really seeing the characters from our awesome app come to life through music and singing. So please use this next video below as inspiration for you and your voice and please - if any of you make Zoobes of you singing and you want to share them with us we would LOVE to hear them! In true Oscars fashion we are reposting this as it was one of users favourite most sent Zoobe messages of all time from our ready-to-go in app inspiration section.


And the last video, for now, on this Oscar theme is our little rendition of the theme song from our favourite film pick of the Animated Feature Film nominations Song of The Sea.


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