Introducing ZoobePro

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Join the world of character voice-messaging.

About ZoobePro

  • ZoobePro is an easy-to-use software tool for Windows which enables 3D studios and Artists to upload their animated characters and present them to millions of Zoobe users worldwide. 
  • Using a simple step-by-step process, you can create a Zoobe character with your own brand’s existing 3D material.
  • ZoobePro is a software tool developed by Zoobe GmbH for professionals.

How ZoobePro Works


  • Add a description, thumbnail and teaser 
  • Import your character 
  • Test it in the app preview 


  • Define and adjust cameras and lights 
  • Use filters and effects 
  • Choose and sort animations 
  • Add fur, tweak your materials 
  • Add background music


  • Preview your 3D package 
  • Easily upload to the Zoobe server 
  • Once approved, it will instantly be available to millions of users all over the world!

Benefits of ZoobePro

  • Making your animated character accessible to millions of Zoobe users you open doors to a community waiting to become your brand’s ambassador. 
  • Instantly make a huge marketing impact. Without the costs of an advertising agency. 
  • When you integrate in Zoobe you’ll be joining a famous cast of characters. 
  • Become part of the identity of our users social communication and part of their daily lives.

Did you create your own character and want to bring it into Zoobe?

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