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6 Reasons to Use Best Scheduling Apps for Business

Do you run a business where you are managing a team of technicians and staff members and keep a regular check on them manually? Are you also managing their calendars, their tasks, tracking job progress, and scheduling new tasks manually? Then, you must be wasting a lot of time following a manual process and filling excel sheets, Google Calendar, Google sheets, spreadsheets, and paper-based forms. Rather than following old school techniques, it’s time to adopt the best scheduling apps for business and automate the entire process of scheduling and managing tasks.

Now, scheduling apps can do everything for you from creating tasks lists to managing technicians, assigning jobs to track progress, and managing customers. Everything becomes easier and smoother to handle as the apps are known for streamlining day-to-day operations, ditching Google Calendar, and excel sheets. Whether you want to schedule your meetings, appointments, employee’s tasks, or daily jobs, business scheduling applications are perfect that allows you to book, reschedule, and cancel appointments and task lists.

Being an owner of a small business, if you are wondering why to use a scheduling application and how it benefits your business, then continue reading this blog. Herein we are going to cover 6 reasons why you should use a work scheduling application for your business, examples of top scheduling software, and answer your frequent questions. To read any specific section of this blog, you can click on that section in this given content table.

6 Reasons to Use Best Scheduling Apps

6 Reasons to Use Best Scheduling Apps

1. Automate and Streamline Daily Scheduling Operations

The main reason to have the best scheduling software solution for your business is, to automate and streamline daily scheduling operations. Whether it is about employee scheduling, work scheduling, appointment scheduling, or any other kind of schedule for your business, the app will automate the process of scheduling. Using the mobile app-based scheduling solution, you will not only be able to schedule the task or operations, but also able to save hours of time that you might be spending on daily, weekly, and monthly scheduling.

With just a single click, you can schedule hundreds of jobs and tasks to available technicians and staff members as per their expertise, availability, and skills. You don’t have to manually in Google calendar check who is available and who is busy, the app will handle everything for you, allowing you to manage everything from the place. So, this is the main reason why it is a must to use a scheduling application for your field service company.

2. Improve Team Engagement and Productivity

Another reason to invest in the work and employee scheduling software is, to improve team engagement and productivity level. If you will schedule the work for your team in advance, then no one will wait for the assignments, tasks, and work. They will come to the office, field, or job site and start working on it instantly.

In fact, they can check their task a day in advance, plan on it, and do research on it. If required, they can communicate with the customers to comprehend the requirements, share with seniors,  and take their assistance. It will result in increasing the overall engagement and productivity of the team members, completing tasks before the deadline.

3. Helps Managing Time and Attendance

There are many scheduling software solutions that come with time and attendance features, allowing you to track the total working hours and attendance of all the technicians. Now, you don’t have to manage an excel sheet, attendance sheet, and timer because the scheduling solution will do everything for you, taking scheduling from Google calendar to application.

From tracking total working hours of the employees to checking their clock-in and clock-out time, scheduling applications will make everything simpler. In fact, you can check each member’s check-in and check-out time, total time spent on the work, or on a particular job. You will get a look at each task in a look and stay updated on everything.

4. Reduce the Total Number of Errors and Mistakes

Another main reason to have a scheduling solution for your business is, to reduce the total number of errors and mistakes that admin and managers used to make while assigning and scheduling tasks manually. If you are creating schedules and filling data in excel sheets, spreadsheets, and Google sheets, then you must know that the chances are high that you make mistakes as you are manually filling it.

Therefore, scheduling software is considered best due to its number of features and decreasing the number of errors and mistakes. Hence, scheduling solutions are a must to have application for all the businesses that have to create schedules on a daily basis.

5. Helps You to Make Better Staffing Decisions

Scheduling applications and software solutions have the capability to integrate multiple solutions like point of sale (POS) and customer relationship management systems. With this, the admin will get help in leveraging the data and information to make better staffing decisions in a short period of time.

The POS solutions are helpful to check which time is the best and peak time and which is not. The application will adjust the employee’s shifts accordingly. Let’s take an example, if you have more number of customers and requests on Monday, then the POS solution will fit this information into the scheduling software and arrange more staff and team members.

Apart from this, you can also avoid the scheduling of the staff members. In short, scheduling applications will also help you to make staffing decisions in the easiest way possible.

6. It Ensures Confidentiality

The top scheduling software solution also respects the confidentiality of all the employees and team members. Let’s take an example, some of the top scheduling solutions are making use of the messaging systems and it allows mobile communication between employees without sharing any kind of confidential information numbers. The solution will assist with recording work hours.

So, these are the reasons to make use of the scheduling apps for your business. No matter whether you have a big-scale business or small-scale business, scheduling apps are considered as the best solution that will bring a huge change in the business. Moving ahead, let’s check out the top examples of scheduling apps that are popular in terms of features and functionalities.

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7 Examples of Top Scheduling Apps For Businesses in 2020

1. Calendly

Calendly is the most popular and widely used appointment scheduling apps that bring the power of scheduling, assigning, and dispatching jobs on the way. Whether you want to schedule jobs, appointments, and work for your employees, Calendly is a great solution that will take care of everything. It allows you to quickly copy the scheduling experience links and paste them into an email, text, or any other app, saving your time while you are away from your computer.

Providing the ability to view upcoming meeting details, Calendly has an easy to view option to give answers to your employee’s questions, lookup a phone number, and even join video calls directly from the app. Here are some of the top features of Calendly app:

  • Allows to check upcoming meetings and schedules
  • The easiest way to share availability on the go
  • Copy links and share them natively on the phone
  • Get real-time notifications and updates about the schedules

2. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is an online assistant and scheduling application that is working 24/7 to fill your schedule. It is easier to use and quite user-friendly as compared to other available software solutions. Suitable for all types of small businesses and companies, Acuity Scheduling connects with your calendar application as it hosts your appointments in its own unique calendar system.

This appointment scheduling assistant software helps you to manage your calendar anytime and anywhere. Now, you can run your business while you are on the go. Instantly access daily, monthly, and weekly calendars, edit availability, and schedule appointments. Here are the top features of Acuity Scheduling software, so get started with it:

  • Check real-time scheduling and book appointments
  • Update and block off availability
  • Take payments from clients
  • Share direct scheduling links with clients

3. Setmore

Setmore is an online free scheduling application that allows you to generate a public-facing booking page within just a few minutes. This work and employee scheduling software support up to 20 staff calendars and logins so that your team members can instantly log in and begin booking meetings. With this software solution, you can instantly send automatic appointment notifications to people who book time with you. Not only this but you can also set notifications for daily, weekly, and monthly basis for the reports.

So, manage all the appointments, bookings, and schedules through the simple calendar system that gives your business the freedom to grow and expand. The best thing about the Setmore software is that you can integrate this free online appointment solution to Facebook, your official website, sales CRM, and a list of the world’s popular apps. Check out top features of Setmore solution:

  • Book appointments, create customer profiles and send email reminders
  • Receive payments from customers and track pending payments with just a click
  • Receive appointments and schedule them through Facebook, Instagram, and your website
  • Generate a free account and book your first appointment in just a few minutes

4. ScheduleOnce

ScheduleOnce is one of the top scheduling solutions that allows scheduling of work, employees, and appointments. Using this software solution, prospects can instantly pick a time to meet for a discovery call, a product demo, or any other meeting. Mainly designed and developed to handle the most demanding scheduling needs of the businesses, this web-based scheduling software has a range of features and functionalities, making scheduling easy.

No matter the structure of your sales team, meeting types, or website acquisition flows, ScheduleOnce is all-in-one software to opt for. It caters to small to medium-sized enterprises and businesses in a variety of industries such as healthcare, lifestyle, education sectors, financial services, and more. Check out the top features of ScheduleOnce solution:

  • Allow users to manage work schedule through phone and video meeting
  • Group scheduling and reminders
  • Multi-location support
  • Real-time updates, notifications, and alerts

5. Doodle

Doodle is quite a different scheduling software solution that helps users to find the best time for their event. You can suggest a number of times, invite participants so that they can choose their preferences. This scheduling app is free and easy to set up as people do not need the app or an account to participate.

Whether you want to use it for professional purposes or personal, this software is ideal for both types of planning like planning the next party with friends or scheduling meetings with associates. If you are looking to get a convenient time to meet different people, all you can try is a simple and the best schedule app for business that reduces no shows. Let’s scroll down some exclusive features and functionalities of Doodle:

  • Find the best time to meet with associates and friends
  • Suggest date and time that work for you
  • Check calendar conflicts right in the app
  • Calendar integration to easily detect conflicts

6. OnSched

OnSched is a mobile app solution for scheduling meetings, work, and employees. Whether you want to plan work in advance, assign work to employees, and look for scheduling appointments, OnSched is an all-in-one software that allows sales reps to get a complete lead report, including title, company size, company, and other important parameters.

OnSched is such an API platform that allows companies and organizations to instantly integrate scheduling into apps and marketplace. Smooth and flexible setup and the best in class feature list make this OnSched software solution a perfect choice to opt for. Here are some exclusive features of OnSched solution:

  • Calendar Sync for work schedule and appointments
  • Multi-location and reminders through the email address
  • Recurring appointments
  • Safe and secure online payments

7. Schedulicity

Schedulicity is the most powerful and advanced scheduling software solution that is an all-in-one platform to run your small and mid-sized enterprise and company. Trusted by thousands of businesses across the world, Schedulicity is one such work scheduling app that allows clients to book 24/7 appointments through websites, Facebook, Instagram profiles, and more. It will take only minutes to get started with this software, so just watch your business grow using this software solution.

Now, ditch your confusing and irritating calendar that takes hours of time, just switch to Schedulicity software as it makes it easy to book appointments seamlessly. Schedulicity is more than just a scheduling app that handles the headache of the scheduling process and allows users to keep track of the business all-in-one place. Here are some top features of Schedulicity scheduling app:

  • Manage your schedules and clients with just a single click
  • Process payments instantly with its Square/Stripe integrations
  • Manage multiple schedules with details
  • Reminders to clients through text and email address

So, these are the 7 best examples of scheduling software solutions that businesses can check out and adopt one as per their business requirements. In case, if you have some general queries and questions in mind related to scheduling applications, then we have answered some frequently asked questions for you.


What is the best free scheduling software?

The best free scheduling app is Acuity Scheduling that has almost all the exclusive features and functionalities to manage your daily schedule, operations, technicians, and staff members with their work schedule apps. Whether you want to check real-time scheduling, book appointments, or update and block off availability, Acuity Scheduling is a great solution for small and mid-sized businesses.

Is there an app for scheduling employees?

Yes, there are many mobile apps for scheduling employees like Square Appointments; however, ShiftNote is one of the best employee scheduling app solutions that are perfect for any shift based industry like restaurants, retail stores, and hotels. Here are some exclusive features of ShiftNote appointment scheduling app:

  • An easy to use employee scheduler
  • Time off management
  • Communication channel
  • Real-time tracking and update

What are the benefits of using a scheduling application for the business?

There are not only a few benefits of using a scheduling app for your business meetings, but the scheduling app solution will benefit you in many ways. Here are some major and back and forth benefits of utilizing scheduling software for the business:

  • It keeps all the technicians and workers on the same page
  • Reduce conflicts of availability
  • Allows collaborative scheduling
  • Saves labor hours and manage payment processing
  • Increase employee productivity and engagement


In this article, we went through the reasons why you should use the best scheduling application for your business and how it will benefit you. However, we have also given some top examples of the best scheduling apps for small business that businesses can explore and choose as per their business needs. We do have answered some of the frequently asked questions that might answer your general questions.

We hope that you find this blog helpful when it comes to choosing a scheduling application. However, if you have any feedback or comments, you can get in touch with us through our contact us page and let us know what you think. Till we get back to you, you can subscribe to our newsletter and get such informative blog posts directly into your inbox.


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