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How Cleaning Schedule Apps Help Cleaning Businesses to Streamline Their Work Process?

According to, the cleaning industry is going to reach $6 Billion by the end of this year. Looking at this number, we can say that the time is right for a business owner to dream big as the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated a rapid growth as compared to what is expected for other market segments.

No matter whether you are into residential, commercial or especially cleaning services, it is just that the businesses adopt mobile digital apps to remain competitive in the market. Today, cleaning schedule apps are considered important when it comes to running the service-based business as it allows businesses to automate, manage, and streamline the entire business.

Not only this, the web and mobile-based cleaning schedule app provides a positive experience, taking your business to the next level. Further, easy to use scheduling solutions are known for managing and automating the entire business, helping employees to automate everything that used to be a time-consuming and tiresome job. If you want to know what schedule app is and how it helps your business to streamline the work process, then continue reading this blog. Herein we have covered almost everything related to the cleaning app on the app store.

What is the Cleaning Schedule App?

In simple language, the schedule app is a desktop or mobile-based app solution that allows businesses and companies to automate the daily scheduling of jobs. With just a few clicks on the screen, the admin of the business can manage and assign hundreds of jobs and house cleaning list tasks for a specific date and time.

Further, this app solution will help businesses to get rid of all their excel sheets and paper-based reports, serving the purpose of reducing administrative tasks and processes. Using such software solutions, businesses can manage and streamline almost every task like booking, creating jobs, assigning and scheduling jobs and tracking them.

Irrespective of the size of your business, you can simplify the whole workflow of your business and have more time to focus on other things. Moving ahead, let’s talk about the key features of this easy to use the app.

Key Features of Cleaning Service Scheduling App

Features of Cleaning Scheduling App

1. Creating Jobs

The service scheduling app allows the admin of the businesses to create jobs, including details like name of the customer, service type, the urgency of the service, date & time and other relevant information related to it.

2. Scheduling Jobs

After creating hundreds of jobs, it’s time to assign all those created jobs for a particular date and time. As per the priority of those jobs, the admin can assign all the household chores jobs to those technicians who are available.

3. Assigning Jobs

The admin of the business can assign any specific job to any technician or service expert directly from the panel or system. As per the job’s requirement, the admin can choose any technician based on his expertise and assign a job with a particular time to complete.

4. Tracking Technician

What if the admin wants to track the jobs be it pending, completed and ongoing? Real-time tracking is the best feature that allows the admin to track technicians and experts with the live location.

5. Real-Time Alerts & Updates

The solution will give the real-time alerts and updates about the jobs that are completed received new and progress of ongoing. If the service technician has rejected the job, the admin will get an instant update about it so that he can assign it to someone else, who is available.

6. Manage Payments

The admin of the business can manage the overall payments whether it is about received or pending payments. The admin can check the status and notify the service technicians about it. In fact, the admin can also generate the report on the payments.

7. Online Scheduling Calendar

An online scheduling calendar will give a complete view of the schedules that are already created. The admin can check the scheduling calendar to check the available dates and times of the technicians.

8. Detailed Analytics Reports

This online scheduling solution provides a detailed analytics report on your business, allowing you to track total provided services, received payments, outstanding payments, and other necessary things related to your business.

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Current Challenges of Cleaning Businesses

1. Old Technique of Creating Jobs

Currently, the businesses are following the old school technique of creating jobs and service requests whenever they receive new requests from customers. They manually write requests of customers, including the customer's name, service requirements, address, contact number, and other details. Writing all the details manually takes a lot of time from the admin.

2. Communication Gap

The admin of the business and the service technicians are unable to stay connected and communicate regarding the service requests. If the admin needs to check the status of the services, he needs to call all the technicians one-by-one. Calling all the technicians to know the status of services is an extremely time-consuming process that admin needs to follow.

3. Misunderstanding the Scope of Work

Many a time, it happens that the admin of the company shares the service requirements of any customer to the technician, and unfortunately, the technician misunderstood any requirement or the specific point. As a result, it leads to dissatisfied clients who were looking for something that delivers a rich experience.

Being an owner of the business, you must be thinking of how scheduling software or mobile app solutions can help you to streamline the workflow Right? Let’s discuss it!

6 Ways Cleaning Scheduling Apps Help Cleaning Businesses to Streamline Their Work Process

1. Monitor and Manage Service Technicians

Monitoring and managing all the service technicians along with their schedules is not as easy as it sounds. It is necessary that you track and manage all the technicians and know their plans about vacations, unexpected callouts, and other emergencies so that you make sure that whether they provide service on time or not.

Hence, the spring cleaning scheduling system is the best solution that has made it easy for businesses to track and manage all the service technicians with their real-time updates. In case of any emergency service requests, you can view and change your technician’s availability from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

2. Everything is All-one-place

Being an owner of the business, you must be maintain a team of over 10 or 50 service technicians, so it is quite difficult that you manage all the technicians, service requests (be it new, ongoing, or received), payments from customers, paying to technicians, complaints if any and a lot more tasks and daily chores.

What if you can manage all these things at one single platform by seating on your chair? Wonderful right? This is how scheduling software manages your business and helps you to give more attention to expanding your business. With just a few clicks, you can manage your entire business and think about how to automate and streamline your workflow.

3. Reduce Communication Gap Between Admin and Service Technicians

The scheduling solution has reduced the communication gap between the admin of the business and service technicians, helping them to communicate regarding the new, ongoing and pending service requests.

They can communicate in real-time and discuss everything related to service requests, payments, and complaints if any. Moreover, the management and scheduling software manages everything whether it is a last-minute request or cancellation. It is important for the admin to communicate with the technician to stay updated about the schedules, and customer demands to keep business in order.

4. Helps Businesses to Grow Steady Work Culture

If the tasks and daily chores, service requests, and other activities of the business are organized in the right manner, it helps your business to grow a culture that is stable in nature. Organized work culture is something that helps your business to grow and expand a well-managed work culture that brings efficiency in your business.

With a positive work culture, it becomes easier for businesses to achieve long term objectives with real commitments. Moreover, the scheduling software for your business helps in attending the right goals that grow your business.

5. Allows to Deliver Better and Advance Quality Service

As you know that scheduling software helps you to manage and track your employees, all the service requests received and pending payments, and resolve complaints instantly, so it becomes easily possible to deliver better and advance quality services to your customers. Delivering better quality services to your current customers increase the chances of increasing new customers as your current customers will share your services and discuss your company. In short, you can deliver satisfying services to your customers and attract many new customers towards your business.

6. Receive Feedbacks

Almost all the scheduling software comes with the feature of giving feedback, allowing customers to share their feedback and reviews about the service that helps businesses to improve their service. With customers’ feedbacks, the businesses can provide a permanent solution to the problem of customers.

Most scheduling software comes with the ability for clients to provide feedback (even if the software isn’t part of a full CRM package). This function is critical for staying on top of performance and client satisfaction, and it comes with the bonus of removing your staff from any conflicts that arise. (If a client goes to complain to a staff member on-site, the employee can direct them to the app to provide the feedback directly to you.)


How do I make cleaning schedules?

Planning to make cleaning tasks schedules? Here are the five simple steps that you can follow to make schedules:

  • Define the time of your scheduling
  • Make a complete list of home routines tasks and work to do
  • Know the frequency of cleaning tasks
  • Scheduling specific cleaning tasks or chore checklist for particular days
  • Assign technicians for a specific cleaning checklist

Is there an app for house cleaning?

Yes, there are various mobile applications for house cleaning tasks, allowing people to make a request for the housework service as per their requirement.

What is the best chore app?

As you know that chores app is one such mobile application that has different chores to be performed during the day. Once the tasks and chores are completed, the master task list completer will be rewarded with some special points or money.

There are many such applications and grocery list available on the web; however, when it comes to selecting the best one, OurHome App is a great option to opt for as it has a great privacy policy and terms of service for household members and family members. In fact, the app has received a good number of ratings and reviews from many family members on the Google Play App Store.

Do house cleaning apps really work?

Yes, house cleaning apps work amazingly if you plan your everyday tasks, chores, or work schedules in the right manner. Using the top house cleaning app and scheduling system, you can schedule your task and complete them on time.


In simple words, scheduling software or a mobile app solution is the best option for businesses to expand and manage their business. Using a mobile app solution, the admin of the business can automate and streamline their business process, eliminating the old-school technique of scheduling tasks list and daily housekeeping chores requests. However, it is a must for businesses to choose the right software solution that comes with enough features and functionalities to automate the business process of scheduling tasks.

In case, if you want to know what is a work scheduling app and tips to choose the best software solution for the business, you can refer to our previous blog on the work scheduling app that covers almost everything related to it.


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