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5 Best and Easy House Cleaning Schedule Applications That Help To Make Schedule Instantly

Raise your hand if you find it hard to keep your house clean and organized. You must be finding it difficult to create a house cleaning schedule that helps you to clean, organize, and manage things. If you are a little lazy and do not like to do cleaning, then creating an easy house cleaning schedule is the best option because the schedule will help you to do the cleaning of the house in the right manner. You can make a plan to clean things in small portions so that you don’t get bored and tired.

When it comes to creating a house cleaning schedule, then there are many house cleaning apps that help you in creating a home cleaning schedule by days, week, and month. No matter how small or big your home is, you can create schedules and follow the schedule to keep your home neat and clean. Herein we will be discussing all house cleaning schedule apps and its uses, top 5 house cleaning schedule apps to checkout, and answer some general questions related to it. If you want to read any specific section of this blog on cleaning routine apps, click on that section in this given content table.

Introduction to House Cleaning Schedule Apps and Its Uses

House cleaning apps are mainly designed and developed for those people, who find it hard to clean the house and make schedules. The mobile apps will help them to create a schedule, including all the rooms, kitchen, living area, utility room, parking, garden, and anything. The app users just need to create a schedule as per their home’s space and follow the schedule to keep home clean and organized.

Not only this but the applications will also notify users for seasonal cleanings like winter, summer, fall, and spring so that users make themselves ready and comfortable to clean things. Moreover, the applications are also helping users to make schedules as per the seasons so that they don’t find any hassle while cleaning tips and organizing home.

In short, applications are considered as a great solution for automating and streamlining the scheduling chores, helping you to save your time and efforts that you give. If you are wondering to know the uses of these types of apps, then here are some of the main uses we have listed.

  • It helps you to create a house cleaning schedule in just a few minutes.
  • You can save time and effort by creating schedules and following it daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • No more worrying about what to do every morning.
  • The house cleaners checklist app makes your life much easier and your house so much cleaner.
  • It helps in organizing and managing chores based on categories.
  • Set and schedule one time tasks and repeated tasks.

So, these are some general and main uses of house cleaning scheduling apps that help both homeowners, maids, or anyone to create schedules to clean home on a daily basis. Moving ahead, let’s check out the top 5 house cleaning schedule applications.

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5 Best House Cleaning Schedule Apps

1. Run My Life

Run My Life is an online house cleaning schedule app that is mainly developed to manage your tasks and housework easier. Using this application, you can instantly create a house cleaning schedule irrespective of the size of the home and type. The app has made it easy to generate a house cleaning schedule based on one day, week, and month. As per the needs and cleaning, you can generate the complete schedule to follow.

This checklist for cleaning house application will be your own personal task manager that is currently available for a single user on a single device. In fact, the application has in-app purchases to remove ads and allow them to make use of the premium features. Here are some exclusive features of Run My Life application:

  • Your own personal task manager for weekly cleaning
  • Reminds and notify you when it is time to do household chores like load dishwasher, cabinet fronts, ceiling fans
  • Helps in managing your schedule and get stuff done like comforters, dresser, screens, duvets, drawers, and more
  • Create, manage, and organize house deep clean checklist
  • Share schedule and time in real-time with anyone

2. Home Routines

The second one in our list is Home Routines that is an important mobile application to manage day-to-day chores. This application is universal and ideal for all the house cleaning schedules and manages daily chores. Using the app, the daily chores are broken into days of the week, but it doesn’t end there. Every day is then broken down into morning and evening tasks. So, you can perform your tasks as per the time of the day.

Further, Home Routines application comes with a special feature called Focus Zones that assigns particular rooms of your home to specific days for scheduled cleaning. The type of organization and schedule this application offers for household users is completely revolutionary and is well worth twice its price.

Now, you can discover the real power of speed weekend house cleaning schedule with Home Routines application that is perfect for setting your time to 10 or 15 minutes, set your mind to it, and check how much cleaning the house has been completed. Check out some top features of Home Routines application:

  • Built-in to-do list for simple and one-off jobs
  • Daily message option to help users to plan the pattern of weekdays
  • Sync your data in real-time as it allows you to sync all the information in real-time so that you don’t need an Internet connection to use it
  • Share your schedules, task list, and accomplishments with anyone through email

3. Clean House - Chores Schedule

Clean House is the simple house cleaning chores scheduling application that can help you a lot in creating tasks list, manage it by day, week & month, and share it with anyone. It will not do all the house chores for you, but the application will make your house chores much simpler and smoother to do.

To keep your house clean, dirt-free, and organized, all you have to do is create the schedule that you follow on a daily basis. Set simple chores like vacuum the floor or change the sheets, set your repeat interval and reminders & notifications that will remind you when to do your work like washer, sink cleaning, arranging magazines. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to create the schedule for your home, office, or home office, you can create schedules, follow it on a daily basis, and stay your house organized. Here are some exclusive features of Clean House application:

  • Make schedules for blinds cleaning, women stains remover, dishes, and pillows
  • Share created schedules with anyone in real-time
  • Set simple chores like "vacuum the floor", or "change the sheets"
  • Real-time notifications and reminders to do your work like bathrooms, blankets, baseboards cleaners, and carpets
  • Create schedules with just a few clicks and stay organized

4. Spotless

The fourth one in our list is Spotless that mainly aims to help you keep your home clean, clutter-free, and organized. It helps you with creating schedules, house cleaning task lists, and share the list with members of the home. Spotless is one such home cleaning application that allows users to set-up multiple home areas like the living room, bathroom, kitchen, and utility area. The app has made it easy to stay on track by creating a weekly schedule for house cleaning and clean your home accordingly.

Further, the application can ticks off each task as they go along and create deadlines if the tasks are required to be finished. Many a time, it happens that you find it difficult to remember the last time when you cleaned the air conditioning vents, dusted the top of the bookshelf, and cleaned the door handles, so don’t worry, Spotless is a perfect application. Here are the top features of the Spotless application:

  • Create lists and task schedules in just a few minutes
  • Trouble remembering? Don’t worry, the app will handle it
  • Real-time alerts and reminders for the schedules and tasks
  • Easy to set up and use a nice, clean, clutter-free app

5. Tody

Tody is suitable for both iOS and Android users, allowing them to easily manage their household cleaning tasks. The application is mainly designed and developed to help users by turning deep cleaning into a fun game. The application provides notifications and reminders throughout the day and it will also help you to get the chance to claim credit for your actions.

Moreover, the application estimates indicators for tasks and measuring the actual need of doing them. It revolutionizes the cleaning process of the house, automating it, and streamlining everything. You can manage cleaning in the house and cleaning tasks by indicators of actual need instead of arbitrary dates. Check out the top features of the Tody application:

  • Plan and organize house cleaning weekly schedule jobs with absolute flexibility
  • Stay motivated with a gratifying color bar system that tracks your efforts
  • Turn home cleaning into a game and claim credit for jobs done
  • Get friendly, non-pushy, reminders on upcoming tasks

So, these are some of the best house cleaning scheduling applications that one can use to create schedules and checklist for cleaning houses, manage house cleaning, organized things, and more. Still, have some questions? Here are the answers to general questions.


How can I keep my house clean in 30 minutes a day?

To keep your house clean in 30 minutes a day and create cleaning habits, you can make use of the house scheduling application that helps you to make a schedule for cleaning checklist for house cleaner so that you can clean the house appliances like load dishwashers, dining rooms, guest room, and other household items as per the schedule. You can create schedules by day, week, and month and accordingly follow it to clean things like brush, cabinets, microwave, bathroom, windows, bed, floors, fixtures, showers, and more things.

How do I make a daily cleaning schedule?

To make a daily and weekly cleaning schedules for bathtubs, counters, bedrooms, housekeeping, refrigerator, and other things, make use of the top scheduling apps that help you to generate schedules in just a few minutes for the entire day, week, month, and season-wise. No matter how big or small your home is, you can create daily schedules, including the details of the home, available free time, and generate a clean schedule with a click.

Which is the top housing cleaning checklist schedule app on the web?

There are many top house cleaning schedule apps on the web such as Tody, Home Routines, Clean My House, Cleaning Checklist, and more. But talking about the top and best one, Tody is the one that has secured the top place on the web. Tody is the best house cleaning scheduling application that comes with a lot of features and functionalities to maintain a spring cleaning service.


In this blog post, we went through the general introduction of house cleaning schedule apps & its users, top 5 house cleaning schedule applications, and answering general questions that users might have related to the schedule of cleaning through mobile apps.

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