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Who Should Be Using Field Service Management Software?

If you are running a company with 10 or more than 10 field service technicians, then it must not be an easy job to manage all the field workers with their field services, jobs, and check the assigned job’s status. Managing all the workers with their worklist, deadlines, project progress, daily reporting, and the overall analysis of the company without using field service management software is not an easy task.

You must be managing several excel sheets, calendars, emails, spreadsheets, and whatnot. What if you can manage all the work schedules of workers and technicians with just a few clicks. Amazing? Using a right and feature-rich field service management software, you can help businesses to manage their workers, their activities, trace vehicles, schedule work, work order management, completed and pending task list, and other important tasks related to field services management.

If you want to know what a field service management system is, you can continue reading this blog. Herein we will discuss almost everything related to the field service software market from its types to who should be using this and what are the benefits of using it. You can refer to the particular section of this blog from this given content table.

What is Field Service Management Software?

In a simple language, field service management software is an easy-to-use system or FSM software solution that helps companies, organizations, and small businesses to manage their end-to-end activities. Activities like jobs creating, scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, generating bills, receiving payments, sending real-time notifications and alerts and other important tasks related to your field business.&

This type of cloud-based FSM software solution provides both a mobile app and a desktop app for better customer support and helps field service experience. It mainly aims for improving customer relationship management and productivity of your customers and the field service businesses.

Moreover, this type of service management FSM software is popular among field service companies as it helps to reduce the overall cost and boost the efficiency of the company. In short, if you are one of those companies where you have to handle installs, repairs, services of work equipment, accept requests and other field staff services, then field service dispatch software is the perfect choice for your company. Moving ahead, let’s discuss the types of this FSM software service.

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Types of Field Service Management Software

In the coming time, most of the companies worldwide must be extremely agile when it comes to responding to the needs of their customers, field employees, and staff members. As per the reports from, the field service industry is estimated to be worth nearly $4.45 billion by 2022 and that’s a quite big amount for FSM software vendors. Isn’t it? So, which FSM system is perfect for your business?

1. Residential Field Service Solution

It is one such type of FSM solution that is mainly designed and developed for those companies that provide field service automation for homes and residential properties. These companies have to accept requests from their customers, create jobs, schedule and assign to the available cleaner or technician, generate an invoice, receive payments and track the progress.

Such service contracts or companies can provide any type of residential based services like pest control, home cleaning, house electrical works, installations and repairing home appliances. Using the field service management application, the company can automate the entire business processes of receiving requests, assigning it to the technician and tracking real-time progress. Not only this but the field service solution streamlines business operations with just a few clicks.

2. Commercial Field Service Scheduling Software

This type of field service management software is mainly designed and developed for commercial companies or we can say commercial industries that provide services for commercial buildings, offices, supermarkets, and stores. This type of software helps companies to manage their requests, job completion, tracking field workforce, payments, billing, revenue, customer satisfaction portal and more using a mobile app.

Examples of such commercial companies are building cleaning service, window cleaning, installation and repairing, industrial cleaning services daily. Using a field service management system, these companies can ditch the old school techniques of calling and assigning jobs and manage everything with just a click on the screen.

3. Common Cloud-based Field Service Manager Software

The third type of field service management software is the common one that is not specifically developed for residential or commercial service companies. This software solution will serve any type of field service businesses that have to manage their workers, daily jobs & work schedules, inventory management, updates, track live location with progress.

Using a work order management solution, companies can manage their field workers and automate the whole process. Moreover, the goal of this software solution is to help a field service company or organization to increase the productivity of customers and improve collaborations. In short, this will help you to take your business to the next level.

So, these are the types of software solutions that you can choose one as per your business needs and employee’s demands. After discussing the types of it, let us discuss who should use scheduling dispatch business software for the field service management system.

Who Should Be Using Field Service Management Software Solution?

Who Should be Using Field Service Management Software Solution

1. Service-based Companies

If you are a service company, where you provide different services like repairing, cleaning, and installing, and have to manage a team of workers, electricians, and service providers, then service management software is the best solution for you.

It allows you to manage your entire team along with their work schedules, tasks, progress, live location, invoicing, managing payments, quotes & contracts, user satisfaction, and a lot more important things.

Service companies can make use of the work scheduling management software solution to access customer requests instantly, manage requests, route planning, payroll of the technicians, and many other important tasks of the company. So, if you are running a service-based company, then it’s high time to look into this software solution for better management of your business.

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2. Construction Companies

Running a construction company where you have to manage a team of home builders, general trade contractors, specialty service contractors, daily workers with their punch-in and punch-out time? How do you manage to do all these tasks? You must be managing excel sheets, Google calendar apps, spreadsheets, performance indicators tools that might be taking your hours.

Thus, it is better that you adopt a field service solution that helps you in project scheduling, project management, payroll management of workers, punch-in and punch-out time of employees and resource management. Along with all these, the software solution will also help in reducing the communication gap among your team, bringing them all on the same page.

It doesn’t matter how many team members and workers are there in your company, the software field service agreements will make it easy for you to manage your customer information with just a few clicks.

3. Mining Companies

It is not easily possible to run a mining company as the admin has to monitor, measure and manage all the workers and technicians who go on-site for the assigned tasks. It might take hours of hard work and effort of the admin to manage all the workers along with time clock, work report, current job progress, total assigned jobs using pen & paper-based forms, emails, excel sheets, and documents.

The better option for the mining companies to start using software field service management that allows the admin or manager to manage all the activities and important operations in just a few minutes. The admin can also keep track of the important activities whether he is at the home, office, or sipping a cup of coffee in the canteen. Such software solutions are available in both a mobile app and web-based software solution, so the company can access the software solution as per its needs and workers’ demands.

4. HVAC Companies

Do you run an HVAC company or organization that develops, implements, installs and provides maintenance services? If you are maintaining a list of HVACR units, advanced building systems, and a team of technicians and workers without using any technologically advanced tool or software solution, then you are wasting a lot of time and effort on managing everything.

Being an HVAC company, it is a must that you adopt a field service solution or software that automates all these tasks and management of the operations. Using the software solution, the technicians can ramp up efficiency, generate tickets, manage the request fulfillment of the customers, and provide great customer service.

5. Facilities Management Industry

Whether you are into a facilities management industry or any company, efficiency is vital to run it smoothly. As your company offers a range of discipline services in order to ensure the functionality, effectiveness, and safety of a built environment, you might have to manage all the tasks and important jobs manually.

Work scheduling app is what you need for your company to manage real-time scheduling, status boards, maps for the meeting rooms, and more. This type of software solution lives alongside your Microsoft Outlook or Google calendars and sync the data in real-time. The software will not only help you to manage your business and team but it will also help you to boost the productivity of your customers and grow their business.

6. Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is another industry or companies that require field service management solution for the better management of the work requests. The industry faces a lot of challenges without any technologically advanced tool or technology. The manager or the admin manually handles everything from labor costs to customer contacts, field technicians to part inventories, trouble ticket to job completion, and trade contractors.

Moreover, the admin also takes care of dispatching, appointments, and issues or feedback if any. To automate and streamline all these tasks, you can adopt the best field service management solution as it allows you to proactively monitor and collect work order demands, use advanced scheduling to keep customers informed about their purchase orders.

It will dramatically reduce paper forms usage, phone calls to customers and workers, and manual systems of work handling. Irrespective of the category of your manufacturing company, the solution enhances the field service office, allowing you to use analytics to track performance and opportunities to expand the business.

7. Medical Device Enterprises

Another important industry that should be using a field service contractors solution is - medical. As we all know that this industry is considered the most regulated one compared to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. Thus, medical enterprises that offer service, repair, and inspections of medical equipment, machines, and tools can make use of the FSM system to track critical records that are required for regulatory compliance and better service delivery.

From medical device manufacturers to distributors that provide preventative maintenance services and field service for imaging, laser, surgical and hospital equipment, field service solution is needed to manage the service requests. The management software solution can be integrated with your existing ERP, CRM, account management tool to deliver better flexibility or scalability to your business.

Field software helps you to know your customers’ demands and get the right certified technician onsite, ditching the old-school techniques like emails, phone calls, and customer service portals.

8. Industrial Equipment Enterprises

Being a leading industrial equipment company, you must have a long list of tasks and jobs to perform. Right? You must be managing complex work orders, mobile field technicians, logistics, invoicing, job scheduling decisions, accounting software, delivery control, interactions with clients, replenishment and demonstration.

But you can cope up with all these tasks without any hassle and delay using a mobile field service solution that takes care of almost everything. From emergency servicing & repairs to preventative maintenance, inspections to installation projects, the software solution gives access to everything.

Create work orders, schedule service requests with urgency, customer management, service repair history, pending requests, payments, and workflow without spending hours on it. Just drag and click and you are done managing your business. From one place, you can get insights into equipment and assets like a detailed report, contracts for equipment rentals, and location.

Benefits of Field Service Solution For Your Business

Benefits of Field Services Management Software

1. Manage a Team and Entire Workforce

Managing a team and the entire workforce is considered as one of the main functions of a field service business and company. With several people in the team, it is not easy to track all the workers with their jobs, manually input schedules, progress, and daily reporting. So, the software solution has made it easy to manage the workforce most efficiently.

The tool has automated the way workers access their schedules and tasks list by providing automatic smart scheduling features. Eliminating the old way of managing workers through spreadsheets or paper forms, the solution covers all the information like customer records location, machine history, availability, and inventory management software solution.

Whether you generate a report in the middle of the night or on a holiday, you can quickly access the workforce data with schedules and handle new appointments accordingly using a mobile app. In fact, the admin can manage all the job information that is recorded by the team during services.

2. Ditch Old Techniques Like Paper-forms and Spreadsheets

It’s time to ditch old-school techniques of maintaining paper forms and spreadsheets of data, service requests and customer data. Now, there is no need for maintaining and taking care of mobile forms and spreadsheets as the software solution will take care of everything from maintaining your customer’s requests to invoicing, payments to feedback and real-time updates.

As the old technique of data management has its own risk of valuable data loss, the mobile app solution manages all the information in the safest way possible. There is no fear of data loss and duplicate entries and headache of a pile of papers and files in the cabin.

3. Scheduling and Planning

As the software claims to manage scheduling and planning easier than ever before, you will not be spending hours on scheduling and enterprise resource planning for the workers. You can quickly check the workers with total requests along with necessary information and assign new jobs to those workers who are about to complete their running ones.

You will not only find it easy to schedule, but you also find it easy to do the planning for your team. You can create a weekly, quarterly, or daily plan for the team and just keep a track of it. As per the demand, you can schedule the specific employees for the jobs based on the skills and expertise that are required to perform the job. Field service companies and field service organizations can take advantage of FSM software in terms of delivering higher customer satisfaction, customer experiences, more jobs completed per day, inventory management, and overall growth of the business.

4. Resource Management Becomes Easier

Managing your resources is not as easy as it sounds. You need to be aware of all the workers with their skills, total years of experience, expertise and accordingly assign them for the particular jobs and requests. Using FSM software, the assignment and resource management are optimized as they are important because they can directly affect profitability.

There are various biggest brands like Source Refrigeration & HVAC that have automated the field service management operation, resource planning and replacing manual dispatch management with automated field service systems. Moreover, the company has adopted the tool in order to create more effective routes and benefitted by reducing 35% travel times of the technician during maintaining services level compliance.

The management software also helped in selecting the right crew members, time commitments, calculating overtime, proximity, responsiveness, quotation, decision-making, automation, collaboration, and more.

5. Generating Invoices and Billing

Generating invoices and bills is quite a daunting task to do. Right? But what if you are generating bills and invoices in a fraction of time? Imagine yourself creating invoices with just a few clicks and handling all of them in one folder? Yes, the benefit of using an FSM for small businesses is to get help in managing and issuing invoices and storing those invoices for records.

The management software empowers technicians and workers to create invoices and collect payment on the spot. Using a smartphone app of FSM, the team can easily get the billing information and other relevant documentation on the click and transfer them back to the office for safe storage.

6. Real-time Analytics

As we have already mentioned that field service management software gathers real-time data and information on all your services, so you can have access to that data anytime and anywhere with internet connection mobile devices and to get an analysis of your business. As the software helps you to track customer and technicians’ current location, the status of the assigned jobs and schedules, you can know the overall success rate of jobs and productivity of customers. As there is no need to manage inventory lists manually, it automatically updates the data whenever a component is used on a job.

Not only this, but this feature of real-time analysis also helps a service business and company in GPS tracking the job, completion date, time, the overall material that is used and payment that has been received. In short, you will get the information that is a must for you to run your business smoothly.

Some Top Examples of Best Field Service Software

1. FieldAware

One of the best examples here is FieldAware that is a simple and easy-to-use management software field service. It is mainly designed and developed to make your team and crews more productive and improve overall customer support. It doesn’t matter the type of service-based company you run, your service companies need scheduling management software solution to make work order smooth, job scheduling easier, manage resources, invoices, and customer appointment reminders.

Using the free trial of management software solutions, companies and businesses can get rapid ROI no matter whether your team uses Android, iOS, or Windows apps. Developed in the cloud and customizable to your workflows, it is a completely user-friendly business software solution to opt for. In addition to this, you can check the following features and modules of this mobile app:

  • Automated Scheduling
  • Automated Timesheets and Timelines
  • Customer Data Management and Customer Relationships
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Assignment and Documentation Management

2. HouseCall Pro

HouseCall Pro is another top solution that saves the time of the home service business professionals, including plumbing, electrical, carpet cleaning, handyman, window cleaning, HVAC and other industries. Over 15000+ home companies are using this CRM software that allows them to automate the entire process of scheduling and managing the jobs of their workers. From time tracking the status of the assigned jobs to managing the new requests, HouseCall Pro is an all-in-one software solution that has made things easy.

Whether the admin of the business is available in the office or not, it allows them to schedule jobs, discuss with the customers, create invoices or estimation, payments, new requests booking as per the technician’s availability.

If you want to modify the created schedules or jobs, just click on the edit button to modify the schedule from a smartphone, laptop, or computer. Moreover, HouseCall Pro software comes with a range of features, including:

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Contract Management
  • Dispatch and Fleet Management
  • Maintain Customer Contacts List

3. Jobber

Jobber is an award-winning field service management software that is developed to help those small home businesses who need to manage entire work like scheduling jobs, managing the technicians, creating invoices, managing customer’s requests, collecting payments, and tracking customer satisfaction levels.

It is a real-time scheduling tool that makes it easy for you to manage your technician dispatch as per their skills and expertise and get them to the right place at the right time. It is developed so that irrespective of the place, you will have field service tools in your hands to manage your business, team, payments, and communicate with customers.

Jobber is not only for you to automate your field operations, but it is also for growing your business worldwide by increasing the productivity of customers and overall ROI. Here’s the list of the features of Jobber solution:

  • Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Invoicing and follow-ups
  • Accept Online Booking From Customers
  • Creating Invoices and Bills
  • Reporting

4. FieldCircle Solution

FieldCircle is field workforce management software, helping companies and businesses to maintain transparency with their team, enhance work order, effectiveness, and increase visibility. The tool claims to boost 18 to 22% productivity of your customers, addressing the needs of stakeholders and facilitating them with advanced tools to perform their jobs efficiently.

FieldCircle solution also improves the overall efficiency of dispatch technicians, allowing them to attend more requests and earn more money. It transparently maintains work order, helping you to address the issues of customers and delivering rich user experience. Here are some advanced features you get in the free trial of the management software:

  • Optimize Field Service Operations
  • Get Real-time Data and Reports to Take Decision
  • Manage Customers and Their Experiences
  • Excellent Way to Manage Payments and Invoices
  • Inventory Management

5. TrackerPal

TrackerPal is a cloud-based field service management app that is considered as a single platform for field force tracking, reporting, and workflow automation. This tool is perfect for retail, sales & wholesale distribution, centers, and facility maintenance. The companies can adopt this tool to manage employees’ attendance, quotation, asset maintenance, and tracking job status.

Using this tool, agencies and enterprises are going paperless, ditching old techniques of maintaining and doing paperwork and files. Now, it provides real-time updates and alerts in emergencies to the team, keeping them aware of everything. Here, you can explore some top features of TrackerPal:

  • Online Time Clock
  • Scheduling and Service History Tracking
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Inventory Management
  • Payment Collection

6. BuildOps

Last, but not least in the list is BuildOps - it is also the most popular FSM (Field service management platform) that is perfect for plumbing, electrical service managers, and commercial HVAC n. As web-based and mobile applications, this management software solution helps in streamlining the whole process of scheduling, jobs assigning, handling bills and invoices, office staff with their task, progress report and time tracker.

As a great tool to streamline the communication between both office staff and field workers, enhancing both work orders and customer experience. Overall, it is one of the best management solutions to manage the entire business from one place. Here are some of the top management software features in a free trial:

  • Automate Schedules, Jobs, and Dispatch
  • Customer Support System and Equipment Management
  • Mobile Invoicing and Payment Processing With Debit and Credit Cards
  • Project Management Software Tool With Clicks

So, these are some of the examples of solutions that are considered as the best options for service-based companies and other field workers to manage the entire work order. Do you have any general questions related to these management software solutions? Here are the frequently asked questions from our readers related to FSM solutions, explore them along with answers.


What is the best field service management software?

Among different software solutions for your company or organization, FieldAware is one of the top tools that allow businesses to automate the scheduling, jobs assigning, management, administration, invoicing, payment transactions and inventory management. Widely used by various companies, it is a great option for companies that spend hours on scheduling, task management, and staff management. Available on a free trial, this management software solution helps to expand the business.

What is field service management in Salesforce?

Field service management solutions in salesforce is all about creating, managing and tracking work orders in real-time. From daily work schedules to tracking milestones of the team and SLA compliance, the solution allows users to integrate work orders with contacts, different accounts, cases, tools, and assets. Salesforce’s mobile app can be customized to suffice the specific needs of the mobile workforce.

How much does smart service solution software cost?

Smart Service solution is the premium solution for scheduling, and dispatching that allows businesses to connect the solution to QuickBooks to make changes in the one program in real-time. The solution is available for a one-time price of $1,599.99 (pricing models). However, additional users and mobile app users will get additional discounts on a monthly subscription.

What is a field point?

Fieldpoint is one of the advanced field service management solutions, available to streamline almost everything from quoting, scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing. This mobile app software system is designed to boost the efficiency and productivity of your customers, increase revenue, and maintain customers' satisfaction.

What are some of the main features of FSM solutions to consider?

If you are selecting one of the best FSM solutions and looking for some main features to consider while selecting it, here’s the complete list that you can save with you. This feature list will help you to choose the right system that offers maximum features:

  • Job Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Work Order Management
  • Customers Portal to Manage Customer Database
  • Estimating, Invoicing, and Billing
  • Route Optimization
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Contract Management and Asset Management
  • Resource Planning Orders and Payment Cycle Management

On a Concluding Note

We hope that you might have got a complete idea about field service management software from its types to benefits and which companies should use. However, we have also covered some of the examples of field service solutions that are widely popular in terms of features, and functionalities. So, before you opt for any management software system for your business growth, make sure that you are clear with your business requirements for mobile apps.

You can also opt for those solutions that provide free trials so that you can use it and know whether it is perfect for your company or not. In any case, if you have any queries or problems related to services management software, then you can get in touch with us through our contact us page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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