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8 Best Scheduling Software For Cleaning Service Provider in 2020

"Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort."
- Paul J. Meyer

Any business whether it is any startup company or an enterprise cannot get desired success without any commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused efforts. And it is mainly true if you belong to cleaning service companies or startups, where you have to manage a team of cleaners, workers, technicians, admins, and other employees. Running a house cleaning business is not as easy as it sounds because you have to create job requests as per the customer’s needs, assign jobs to cleaners, track the progress, generate invoices, track & manage payments, and a lot more.

Being an owner or manager of the business, if you are managing all these tasks manually using pen & paper, excel sheets, spreadsheets, Google sheets, Google calendar, and other tools, then you are wasting 80% of your time and effort. Yes, you are wasting your precious time on tasks that you can manage and streamline using the best scheduling software for cleaning service.

With different scheduling software solutions for cleaning services providers, you can opt for such commercial cleaning business software that has exclusive features and functionalities to provide. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the scheduling software solution for cleaning businesses, top cleaning scheduling software solutions, and answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

Introduction to Scheduling Software Solution for Cleaning Businesses

Scheduling Software Solution for Cleaning Businesses

The scheduling software is mainly designed and developed for all those businesses that have to manage a team of technicians, workers, and service providers along with their jobs, work schedules, and their job progress. So, if you are running a cleaning business where you receive service requests from customers, assign job requests to cleaners, send all the important details, generate an invoice and receive payments, then it’s high time to adopt the best scheduling software solution.

The solutions will not only streamline your business but automate all the day-to-day operations. With just a few clicks, you can manage your entire cleaning business from receiving cleaning requests to assigning it to cleaner, tracking the location, receiving payment, managing feedback and reviews, and more. The solution will not only help you to manage your business but also help you to check your available resources and dispatch the right cleaner or team member, plan routes, and manage staff members with clock-in and cloud-out time.

No matter how many cleaners or team members you have in your company, the appointment scheduling software solutions are available for types and sizes of businesses. In case, if you have decided to make use of the service scheduling software solution for your service business, then here is the complete list of cleaning software solutions that are exclusive in terms of features and functionalities.

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8 Best Scheduling Software Solutions For Cleaning Services Provider

1. Housecallpro

The software that secures the first position in our list is Housecallpro. It is the most powerful and advanced cleaning application that is trusted by more than 15000 home service companies. This software solution that is also known as maid software is a great option for all types of cleaning businesses no matter the size and type.

Considered as a great solution for saving your valuable time, the Housecallpro is perfect for all types of cleaning businesses, including residential cleaning and commercial cleaning. Whether you are home cleaners, bathroom cleaners, sofa cleaners, or window cleaners, this application will handle everything from receiving jobs to assigning jobs to track job progress and payment management software. Here are some of the features of Housecallpro software:

  • Job management and auto-scheduling
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Online time clock and attendance management
  • Tracking job progress
  • Routing and estimates
  • Work order management

2. Jobber

Jobber is an award-winning home cleaning scheduling software that helps small home service businesses and companies to manage, organize, and streamline the entire business operations from job schedules to managing the crew members, generating invoices to billing, collecting payments, managing customer’s needs, and yearly & quarterly reports.

Using this app, you can manage your cleaning business from anywhere and anytime, making everything smoother and easier. This solution comes with a range of tools, allowing you to automate all the important tasks, communicate with your customers and team members in real-time, answer your customer’s queries and take your business to the next level. So, provide a convenient experience for your employees that will keep your customers coming back.

The online booking page feature, self-service portal, and auto-scheduling feature will make all the operations easier than ever before. The best thing about the solution is that it will share real-time notifications, alerts, and updates bout the job requests and their progress. Check out some of the excellent features of the Jobber solution:

  • Employee scheduling and dispatch
  • Invoicing and follow-ups
  • Quoting and estimates
  • Drag and drop calendar
  • POS integrations
  • Real-time notifications and alerts about GPS directions

3. Workwave

Workwave is also one of the best scheduling app solutions for cleaning businesses, allowing users to brush away the hassle of paper schedules and messy excel sheets. Considered as an industry-leading and automated cleaning service schedule online software, this online cleaner booking solution streamlines and automates operations and grow your overall business. Mainly designed and developed for cleaning businesses, this cleaning app helps run the organizations without any hassle.

It comes with a quote, accounting, invoicing, and real time tracking features that will help you to save 80% of the time and effort that you spend on greeting schedules. Also known as a maid service software, cleaning quote software, and maid business software, Workwave keeps all your information at one single place so that you can access it easily from anywhere and anytime. Here are some top features of Workwave solution:

  • Appointment scheduling and work orders management
  • Client database to manage client’s requests and requirements
  • Job management and payment processing
  • Customer support and customer service software
  • Tracking job status with complete details
  • Generating bills and invoices

4. Set a Time

Want to keep everything organized from customers to job requests and employees to payments? Set a Time is a one-stop solution for all types of cleaning companies that are looking forward to organizing and managing their customers and a team of cleaners. From the comfort of their home, office canteen, or a vacation, the owners of the company can track everything like the total number of new jobs received, pending jobs, ongoing jobs, available cleaners, and maid service jobs, total received payments, and outstanding payments.

Not only this but the owners can also create admin, sub-admin, and managers, allowing them to track juniors and cleaners who are going to perform the jobs. This field service management solution allows tracking all the cleaners and job performers along with current location and job status.

It doesn’t matter what type of cleaning services you provide like window cleaning, sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning, commercial building cleaning or a residential building cleaning, this solution is a perfect cleaning software that fits the needs of all types of companies and organizations. Let’s explore some top features of Set a Time:

  • Scheduling page to manage schedules with date and time
  • Calendar view to check upcoming schedules
  • Manage team members with name, skills, and experience
  • Messaging to stay in touch with customers
  • Supports multiple locations of your business
  • Inventory management and integrations with existing tools

5. RazorSync

RazorSync software is the best maid service software that offers management solutions for the front and back end of maid service companies. Using this solution, companies can get help in managing and organizing cleaning service software operations more efficiently, allowing the owners to focus on growing your business. Designed and developed for the field service industry, this maid service software solution will connect cleaners, admin, and owners.

No matter whether you are running a commercial cleaning business or residential cleaning business, this app is the best option for all types of cleaning jobs providers, who have to manage a team of cleaners along with their work schedules. Whether you are looking for a solution that runs on a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or any other device, RazorSync is something that you need for your business to improve profitability by saving important time and efforts. Here are some features that RazorSync solution offers:

  • Scheduling jobs and online booking system
  • Route optimization
  • Worker management and GPS
  • Estimating and invoicing
  • Customer portal to manage new customers and their data
  • Supports Quickbooks integration

6. Zenmaid

Zenmaid is a simple and easy-to-use scheduling solution that is mainly developed for saving time on managing schedules, employees, and customers’ requests. The solution not only helps you to manage and streamline your business but also helps you to expand your business by receiving more requests from customers.

You can grow your business worldwide and earn more profit by saving your time on creating schedules manually and handling paperwork. Now, there is no need to perform any paperwork and handle sheets as it will keep all the information safe and secure.

Whether it is about managing invoices, bills, and received & pending payments from the customers, Zenmaid is an all-in-one app solution for the cleaning business, company, and organization. So, it’s time to replace your daily and old school tools like Google calendar, excel sheets, pen & paper, and adopt this Zenmaid solution that will handle all the operations without taking your much time. Here are some exclusive features that you can get in the Zenmaid solution:

  • Automate scheduling and bookings
  • Manage a team of employees and customers with just clicks
  • Assign jobs and track the progress with just a click
  • Generate yearly and quarterly reports to analyze business profits
  • Get email notifications, SMS and text messages for new job request
  • Safe and secure payment processing method

7. Service Fusion

Service Fusion is an all-in-one field service management software for cleaning job providers, allowing companies to automate, manage, and organize everything from customers to new job requests, employees with their availability to job assigning, invoices to billing, and payments. This maid service solution helps you to manage your cleaning business so that you can save time and focus on business expansion strategies.

Whether the admin wants to assign new jobs or wants to track the status of old ones, this cleaning app allows them to do everything. Now, it becomes easily possible to create jobs, estimate the cost to perform that job, check inventory stock levels in warehouses, update the status of jobs and estimations, and a lot more. Check out some of the excellent features of Service Fusion solution:

  • Keep track of daily jobs, tasks, and estimates
  • View job details like photos, completion notes, and equipment
  • Invoice and get payments instantly
  • Check customer information, including customer feedback and reviews
  • Push notifications for new and recurring jobs and jobs completion

8. SuperSaas

The last one in the list is SuperSaas that is the most cleaning scheduling and maid service booking system that can be used by all types of cleaning companies and startups. This mobile app solution helps companies to manage bookings, job requests, and a team of cleaners with their daily schedules. No matter the size of your company, you can manage the daily operations whether it is about creating a new job request, adding employee profiles, or assigning a job to the cleaner.

You can accept online payments directly to your account and automatically generate invoices for customers. If in case your workforce may include individuals from different countries, then SuperSaas is the best app that is available in 35+ languages, making sure that the system speaks and understands the language. Check out some of the top features of SuperSaas solution:

  • Manage multiple locations
  • Integrate payment operations
  • Sync with other calendar tools
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Send confirmations and reminders
  • Assign user roles and management

So, you have just checked the top scheduling app solutions that you as an owner or the admin of the cleaning company can adopt to manage and organize every single operation of your company. Apart from this, we have answered some of the most asked questions related to the cleaning solution. Ready to explore?


How do you automate a cleaning business?

To automate a cleaning company and its day-to-day business operations, you can adopt the best, feature-rich, and advanced scheduling application that will take care of everything from job requests to employee schedules, customer’s data to customer’s new job requests, creating invoices and bills and managing payments. In short, it is all about adopting one such app solution that handles your cleaning organization.

Is there an app for cleaning services?

Yes, there are various apps for commercial and residential cleaning providers that claim to automate and streamline the entire business, taking it from paperwork to digital solution. The cleaning schedule apps are known for managing everything with just a few clicks on the screen. When it comes to talking about the excellent option, Housecallpro is a great option.

How do I organize my cleaning business?

In order to organize your cleaning business, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Ditch the old-school techniques of managing job requests
  • Adopt a scheduling solution to manage all the operations
  • Hire experienced managers to handle customer’s needs and business
  • Make use of advanced tools whether it is about estimations and payments

What is Zenmaid?

Zenmaid is a cleaning scheduling and maid service booking solution that helps cleaning companies and organizations in booking, scheduling, assigning jobs, tracking employees and job status, and many other things.


As you have checked the top 8 applications that you as an owner of the cleaning company can explore more in detail to automate daily operations and take your business to the next level. While selecting one such solution for your firm, you make sure that you comprehend your business, its daily challenges, and requirements so that you find the perfect application to use.

Not only this but you also need to consider the decided budget, features, and functionalities that you need as all these things will help you to choose one of the best solutions for your company. So, we hope that you find this article useful and helpful to get information. In any case, if you have any feedback or comment to share, so you can get in touch with us through our contact us page. To get such informative blog posts directly into your inbox, you can subscribe to our newsletter with just one single step.


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