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What is Service Scheduling Software?
(Definition + Features + Benefits)

No matter whether you are a small service-based company with 10 technicians or mid-sized company with over 50 technicians, if you want to streamline and manage your business using advanced tools and technologies, you are at the right place.

Herein we have discussed service scheduling software from its basic definition to features and its benefits for service-based companies. So, small service-based companies like painting, home cleaning, roofing, landscaping, in-home massage & spa, dry cleaning, and many such service-based companies can make use of service scheduling software to manage technicians and jobs.

To give in detail idea about the best scheduling software for small business, we have covered different sections in this post. However, if you are looking for any specific section, just click on any section in the given content table.


In this tech-savvy world, almost all the companies, including small and big, are looking forward to getting some advanced tools, technologies, and software solutions that can help them to manage their business more efficiently.

Not every businessman or enterprise has the same requirements, so does the service-based companies and entrepreneurs. With different requirements, it is a must for service-based companies to have access to specific service scheduling software. Now, you might think about what is service scheduling software? Why small service businesses need scheduling in the service business?

What is Service Scheduling Software? (General Definition)

Service scheduling software is one such software solution that is mainly designed and developed for service-based companies like home cleaning, painting, roofing, landscaping, dry cleaning, and many such service companies. The software solution helps these companies to create & schedule jobs, assign jobs to field workers, generate invoices, receive payments, and track jobs with the current status.

It automates the entire process of managing and scheduling daily jobs, technicians with their status, and total payments (received and pending) and better customer service. It also improves productivity, workforce satisfaction, and the management of the business.

Overall, the scheduling software for the service industry eliminates the manual work of managing service-based company or business. For a better understanding of this type of solution and know what are the unique features it provides, let’s take a look at the most popular and top service scheduling software 2020 with unique features.

Top Field Service Softwares

Pros and cons of top service scheduling software

After checking the mentioned software with features, if you are wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of using software for your service company, then let us take you down to the pros and cons of these service software, helping you to choose one that is best.

1. Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is a cloud-based field service management software for small service-based companies like the garage, home cleaning, plumbing, pest control, and many such companies. The software allows these service companies to automate scheduling, dispatching, estimates and invoicing. Equipped with a range of features, this best scheduling software for small businesses has made it easy to perform daily tasks of the business. Here are some of the pros and cons of this field service software solution:

  • Handles daily scheduling and job assigning
  • Streamlines entire customer information and interaction
  • Maintains customer database and history
  • Sends reminders and real-time notifications
  • It doesn’t provide offline support when there is no Internet connectivity.
  • There are no automatic payment reminders
  • No control over customizing messages and texts

2. Jobber

Jobber is an award-winning field service management software that is mainly designed and developed for small home service businesses to organize their entire operations like scheduling jobs, managing crews, invoicing and collecting payments. It doesn’t matter which industry you belong to; this field service management software is fully customizable to fit your business needs. Using this scheduling software, it becomes easier to schedule jobs efficiently, optimize routes, send quotes and invoices through text messages. Have a look at the pros and cons of this service software solution:

  • An easy to use solution for quoting, booking, scheduling jobs and inventory management
  • Invoicing and follow-up with just a few clicks
  • Tracks jobs and technicians
  • Real-time notifications and updates
  • Only 14-day free trial
  • Little expensive as compared to other field service software
  • No customer service support

3. Service Fusion

Service Fusion is a mobile app based field service solution that allows service companies to streamline their work orders and workflows by transferring customer records into a digital format. It is a centralized solution to manage customers, scheduling, invoicing, payments, and reporting. Service Fusion software gives complete visibility of your business in one place to better serve your customers. Moreover, this field service software solution has its own pros and cons:

  • Streamline operations and workforce optimization
  • Reduce employee headaches & help them get paid faster
  • Scheduling and dispatching in just a few seconds
  • Free trial and 5-star rated customer service
  • Quite lengthy workflows compared to other field service software
  • Limited report options
  • Customizing documents are not user-friendly

4. FieldAware

FieldAware is a simple and easy-to-use field service management software that will make your team or field crews more productive and deliver better customer service. No matter which service-based company you run, your service business deserves the most advanced mobile app based field service management system that manages work order, job scheduling, resources, invoices, and payments.

With just a few clicks on the screen, the admin of the business can manage all the daily operations. Here are some of the pros and cons of FieldAware, the best field service software.

  • Makes easy to manage field technicians and crews
  • Detailed records of completed field jobs
  • Helps to track and schedule jobs with a few clicks
  • Easy work order management
  • Better customer service support
  • Less customization in certain areas of the software
  • No offline mode
  • Lack of proper customer service

5. Service Titan

Service Titan is a leading all-in-one field service software for commercial and residential HVAC, plumbing, electrical and other field service businesses. This field service system allows service-based companies to transform their business with an all-one-system that will automate the entire process of managing technicians, invoicing, work orders, and payments.

Track all the activities like call recordings, text messages, and jobs (be it completed and pending) using servicetitan system. Check some pros and cons of this field service management system:

  • Makes scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing easier
  • Custom field reporting and gives a clear picture of the entire business
  • Track all activity like calls and text messages
  • Real-time updates and notifications
  • Payroll and timesheets are not customized
  • Quite difficult to manage maintenance side
  • No free trial
  • Need to improve data transfer

Must-Have Features in Service Scheduling Software

Service Scheduling Software Features

01. Create a customer profile

The best scheduling system allows service companies to know how many customers they have, and the profile of each one of them. Right from adding their basic details to adding their service contract details, the service software makes life easy.

02. Create jobs

Creating a new job is a lot easier for the admin. Every job that comes to the admin needs to be added to the system. With field service solution, you can mention the job type, urgency level and the expertise level needed, which will make creating and assigning jobs easy for you.

03. Schedule the jobs

There are two types of customers for every business- the one with immediate requests, and the others who have billed their service annually. Segment the customer types and make sure that the jobs are segregated too. The field service system will help schedule the jobs across the year and ensure quicker completion.

04. Assign the job

Now, it’s time to job assignments to technicians as per their expertise and skills. While assigning the jobs, you will get a list of only those field technicians who are available and has experience in it. As you know that your team of technicians is a mixed bag. It means you have all types of technicians who are experienced, skilled in a particular service, who are receiving training.

05. Track the specialist

Want to utilize all your resources properly? Then tracking field specialists is a must-have feature. With this feature, the admin can know where the person is, and what job they are performing. Apart from tracking the person, they also need to track particular jobs. Admin can check when the job was started, how many minutes or hours it took to complete the job, when the job was completed and other job-related details. It becomes easy to trace the job as well as the specialist using the field service system.

06. Reports

Get a complete view of the jobs, from the ones completed to the ones that are in process. Know which ones have been paid, and which ones are yet to be paid. Track the jobs, work orders, and stay aware of all your customers and the jobs you have created. The field service solution helps improve operations and boost customer satisfaction.

07. Invoices

Raise invoices in case the payment is yet to be completed and the job is not part of the annual maintenance contract. This feature will help them to keep track of the invoices sent and received. In fact, you will also get to know about the invoices that were paid and the ones that are yet to be paid.

Benefits of Using Service Scheduling Software

When it comes to talking about the benefits, it offers a number of advantages for both small and mid-sized service businesses irrespective of the size of their technicians or field crews. Let’s have a quick look at the benefits of using a field service management system:

Benefits of Service Scheduling Software

01. Makes it easier to schedule jobs

The major benefit of using field service software is, it makes easier for service-based companies and businesses to schedule jobs with customer details and requirements. The admin of the business can create a number of jobs and schedule those jobs for any specific day and time as per the customer’s demand.

With just a few clicks on the screen, the admin can create jobs, filling all the required information like customer name, address, contact number, service type and more. After creating a job, the admin can schedule it and assign it to the available technician.

02. Track all the jobs (pending, ongoing and completed)

Now, it becomes a lot easier for service provider businesses to track their created jobs whether they are pending, ongoing or completed. The admin can track all the jobs in detail and know their current status with any note.

If the job is completed, the admin can check the details like an invoice and the service that delivery and in case if the is pending, the admin will know the reason behind it and take necessary steps. In short, with just one single click, the owner can know the total number of jobs and bifurcate them with status.

03. Improve communicate between admin and technician

The field service software improves communication between the admin of the business and technicians, ensuring that they complete their assigned jobs on time without any fail. In fact, the admin can communicate with the technician through text or call him directly from the application and take the current status.

Overall, the field management system is known for reducing the communication gap between the admin and the technician.

04. Manage and streamlines the entire business process

The best thing about this field service management software is, it will manage and streamlines the entire service-based business process from creating jobs to assigning jobs to technicians.

In fact, the field service manager software also helps the admin of the business to generate invoices, track all the jobs and technicians with their current location, received and pending payments, managing work order and a lot more. In short,

it has automated the traditional process of managing employees and their schedules like Google Calendar.

05. Schedule jobs and tasks strategically

When scheduling made easy, it becomes easier for the admin of the business to focus on job schedules strategically so that technicians who are new can be cross-trained and get instructions that help them to grow.

Through this field service scheduling software for service business, you can identify the times when certain technicians or crews require training to make them learn new skills. A field service management solution will help your company to increase the value of labor hours and invest in technicians who can boost the quality of service.


01. What is service scheduling?

Answer: In simple language, service scheduling is the process that service-based companies and businesses follow in order to make sure that their services and resources are scheduled efficiently.

02. What is the best field service management software service?

Answer: Currently, there are many field service management software available on the web. When it comes to the best service management software, here are some that are known for their unique features and functionalities:

  • Housecall Pro
  • Jobber
  • Service Fusion
  • FieldAware
  • Service Titan

03. Why small and mid-sized service companies need this software?

Answer: The main reason small and mid-sized service businesses need a service scheduling system is to manage, automate and streamline the daily operations of scheduling, assigning and tracking jobs and daily work order. The field service management solution will make it easy to track total jobs, payments, and technicians.


With the increasing demand for instant services or we can say on-demand services, the service-based companies are dedicated to delivering a rich experience to their customers using mobile devices. To run everything smoothly, companies are giving extra efforts and hiring more staff to manage schedules, jobs, follow-ups from technicians, managing payments and a lot more.

Managing all these tasks manually is much difficult, so it is must that service-based companies adopt service scheduling software that automates and streamlines all these tasks. Such field service management solution benefits companies in many ways like schedule jobs, assign jobs, track all the technicians with their location, manage payments (be it pending and received), and many other day-to-day tasks.

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